Speakers Corner

Local Associations are encouraged to check here for individuals or organizations that may be able to speak at your local meetings or other events.  While many offer their service free of charge, the LA is responsible for any speaker fees or other expenses should the speaker charge.  Be sure to clarify this in advance.  Contact the office if you would like to be added as a potential speaker, or if you know of a speaker you would recommend to other Local Associations.


Organization: DriveWise Safety

Name of Speaker(s): Lesley de Repentigny, President & CEO

Title of Presentation: Training by Design: bringing innovative technology to municipal training programs.

A Brief Synopsis:  Speaker will discuss and demonstrate how new technologies implemented through a model of experiential learning can increase learner retention, engagement and greatly improve efficacy of driver safety training programs.

Length of Presentation: 45 minutes or 60 minutes with Q & A

Other Info: Projector, Display

For More Info, Contact: Paula Gray, paula@drivewise.com