Public Works News

Proposed Locate Fees

Enbridge has announced their intention to implement a new charge to third-party contractors and other utilities for utility locates. Third-party contractors will include Ontario municipalities and contractors working on their behalf. Enbridge Gas will apply a charge of $200 CAD (plus applicable taxes) per locate request where a field locate is required. The need for municipalities and their contractors to request these locates when doing road construction and maintenance is due to utilities being present in municipal right of ways, which municipalities across the province have allowed at no cost to the utility.

On behalf of its members, AORS is undertaking a survey to determine the direct and indirect costs that this announcement has on its members’ municipalities. We ask that a representative from each municipality complete the following survey to help us better advocate for our members. You can find the survey here.

Additionally, we have sent correspondence to municipal Clerks across the Province to encourage elected officials to pass a resolution in opposition of the proposed fees. If you would like a copy of this resolution, please email Kelly Elliott, Marketing and Communications Specialist, at