Other Upcoming Events

In addition to the Trade Show, Roadeo, AGM, and Upcoming Seminars hosted by AORS, as well as the numerous meetings and events hosted by our affiliated Local Associations, all of which are posted to the AORS Events Calendar, there are many events hosted by other organizations that may be of interest to AORS members.  Here is a short list of some of the most relevant, and links to find additional information.  If you are aware of any such events that should be listed, please Contact Us with the relevant information. (Events will be listed at AORS’ discretion, and a fee may be charged.)  

Please note that AORS is not involved in the development or delivery of the following events.  This information is only provided as a courtesy to our members and in no way should be construed as an endorsement.  Enquiries, registrations and payments should be directed to the organizers.

Since most organizations are cancelling or postponing training, meetings and other events in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will refrain from posting in-person events from other organizations until further notice.  Only virtual / online events will be posted for the time-being.  

Ontario One Call Member Consultation and Special Members Meeting:  ON1Call is holding a Member Consultation on Wednesday September 30 at 12 Noon, to review proposed changes to the ON1Call by-laws and fee schedule; and a Special Members Meeting on November to vote on the proposals.  Both will be held as webinars and pre-registration is required:  Member Consultation  and  Special Members Meeting.

OGRA Road School and other training:  Ontario Good Roads Association was forced to cancel their spring training events, including Guelph Road School.  Most sessions were rescheduled to the fall, and have since been transitioned to online webinars.  Many of these courses are prerequisites or electives towards the Certified Road Supervisor accreditations, so if you need any of these courses to qualify, register soon.  Some courses are at or near capacity.  For more info and to register, check the OGRA website.

October 13-15CSA Managing HR
13-15CSA Municipal Health & Safety
14-15Management Overview of CMMS
22Managing Winter Operations
19-23AMAM Asset Mgt of Bridges
26-30AMAM Asset Management of Road Networks
26-28TJ Mahony (Construction)
26-28CSA Effective Management
26-28CSA Fleet Management
November2-6AMAM Public Sector Finance Fundamentals
9-13 + 16-17TM31 Storm Sewer Design
9-13TM45 Bridge Inspection
23-27AMAM Managing Data for Municipal Assets
17Introduction to Contract Law
18Advanced Contract Law
19-20Conflict Dispute Resolution
23-27TM30 Road Design: Geometrics
23-27TM37 Road Design: Intersections
30 – Dec 4TM47 Stormwater Management
30 – Dec 4TM42 Watermain Design

WMA Usage in Canada Survey:   On behalf of the Transportation Association of Canada Soils and Materials Committee, ORBA (Ontario Road Builders Association) / OAPC (Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council) are requesting your participation in completing a survey on Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Usage in Canada. This survey is a five-year follow-up to a survey distributed in January 2015 by the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology at the University of Waterloo. The purpose of that survey was to acquire insights into the most common types of technology and evaluation procedures Canadian agencies and municipalities have used for WMA. The information collected via the 2015 survey was used to identify possible gaps in knowledge surrounding WMA technology that needed to be addressed with further research. The results of the 2015 survey were presented at the 2015 TAC conference in Charlottetown, PEI.

The purpose of this five-year follow-up survey is to potentially shed light on any opportunities and/or challenges that agencies and municipalities may be experiencing in implementing WMA to its full capacity. If you are interested in participating in this survey, please return the completed questionnaire via email by October 15, 2020 to Dr. Sina Varamini (svaramini@mcasphalt.com). Any information provided will compiled and presented to the TAC SMC, however we will respect the anonymity of each agency if requested. If you have questions about the survey or would like additional information that might assist you in reaching a decision about whether or not to participate, please feel free to contact Dr. Varamini.