Other Upcoming Events

In addition to the Trade Show, Roadeo, AGM, and Upcoming Seminars hosted by AORS, as well as the numerous meetings and events hosted by our affiliated Local Associations, all of which are posted to the AORS Events Calendar, there are many events hosted by other organizations that may be of interest to AORS members.  Here is a short list of some of the most relevant, and links to find additional information.  If you are aware of any such events that should be listed, please Contact Us with the relevant information. (Events will be listed at AORS’ discretion, and a fee may be charged.)  

Please note that AORS is not involved in the development or delivery of the following events.  This information is only provided as a courtesy to our members and in no way should be construed as an endorsement.  Enquiries, registrations and payments should be directed to the organizers.

Since most organizations are cancelling or postponing training, meetings and other events in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will refrain from posting in-person events from other organizations until further notice.  Only virtual / online events will be posted for the time-being.  


OAPC Partners in Quality Seminar
Thursday, April 29, 2021
8:30 AM (EST) – 1:30 PM (EST)
Virtual Platform


Municipal and MTO registrants: Please reach out to Jasvinder Singh at
 jasvinder.singh@orba.org for your complimentary registration code.


A key to building quality roads is building a solid relationship and partnership between road owners and industry.

This year’s program will present a unique opportunity for producer members and contractor representatives to get the latest industry information that will impact their work in 2021. It will also allow registrants to meet virtually with Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and municipal and consulting engineers. The virtual seminar will bring together the best minds in the industry to engage in a conversation about what we have done and how we can improve to achieve quality in the upcoming year.

Seminar Highlights Include:

  • NCAT’s Experiences: Mix Performance Testing & Balanced Mix Design
  • MTO Bituminous Specification Updates & Other Initiatives (MERO)
  • Engineering Performing Asphalt Mixtures with Higher RAP Contents
  • OAPC/OGRA Liaison Report; and 2021 Local Municipal Forecast (OGRA/MEA)
  • Improved Test Method for Low-Temperature PG of Binders


Sponsorships Available 

Build brand awareness and reach Ontario’s asphalt community through an OAPC Partners in Quality Seminar sponsorship.

For more information, please contact Sharon Headley at sharon.headley@orba.org, 905-507-1107 x228.



The Miller Group is eager to share our expertise in pavement Rehabilitation and maintenance across Canada. With over 30 years’ experience in Pavement Preservation (such as Slurry/Micro-surfacing and Chip Seals) and Cold Recycling Technology (CIR, CIREAM and FDR), we can help you choose the right process for the right road at the right time.

For this Spring 2021 we are providing educational webinars on Pavement Preservation and Cold Recycling Technology, and we wish to invite you to our Zoom presentations!  Please join us for a 1-hour presentation and discussions on the basic definitions, materials, benefits and construction processes. In addition, we are excited to provide a webinar on Pavement Asset Management and the use of www.RoadResource.org for pavement assessment, pavement design, life-cycle costing and network optimization.

There are three separate webinars:

Pavement Asset Management

Pavement Preservation

Cold Recycling Technology

Each is offered 5 times, once each day March 22 through March 26.  Space is limited. Click here for more information and to register.

Guelph Road School

Road School courses address a wide range of the technical and managerial skills needed to manage municipal road networks.  “Guelph” Road school will be delivered virtually this spring, running mid April through mid May.

The two sections of the T.J. Mahony Road School, Maintenance, and Construction, are offered in alternate years and introduce students to many of the legal obligations and technical aspects needed by today’s road managers.  These are pre-requisites for the Certified Road Supervisor CRS designation.  The Maintenance section is being offered in 2021.

The 14 C.S. Anderson Road School courses pick up on the topics introduced at the T.J. Mahony Road School and explore them and other related topics in more depth.  Several of these are pre-requisites or electives for the CRS-Intermediate and CRS-Senior designations.  For more information and to register for courses, visit the OGRA website.  For more information about the Certified Road Supervisor program, click here.