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The New Edition of Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 is Available

A pdf version is available here.

If that link doesn’t work, do the following:

  1. Go to the MTO Online Library.
  2. Search for “Ontario Traffic Manual”.
  3. Select the January 2014 version of Book 7 – Office Edition.
  4. Download the attachment.


  • The hard copy version is available for sale from Service Ontario: (800) 668-9938.
  • There are a great many changes plus additional content. We suggest you study & treat this document as a brand new edition and search out the devices & procedures you most commonly use to compare & update as required.  View this document which summarizes many differences.
  • Book 7 is a Guideline not Legislation. However, because it is recognized by the MOL and referenced in Court Proceedings, it requires our attention to whatever the current version of “Best Practice” is published.