Elgin County Municipal Supervisors Association

About Elgin County

The Elgin County Municipality Supervisors Association has the following Municipalities: City of St. Thomas, County of Elgin, Municipality of Bayham, Municipality of Central Elgin, Municipality of Central Elgin Garage, Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich, Municipality of West Elgin, Town of Aylmer, Township of Malahide, Township of Southwold.

AORS Rep / Vice President
Sleegers, Andrew
Municipality of Central Elgin
Tel:  519-613-8863
Vowel, Jason
Municipality of Central Elgin
Tel: 519-782-3072
Gosnell, Lee
Municipality of West Elgin
Tel: 519-785-0560
Adams, Steve
Municipality of Bayham
Tel: 519-808-0358

Rules of Texas Scramble

Elgin County MSA President Steve Adams (left) and Jake McKillop twp of Southwold (right) present Appreciation plaques to Past President Glen Golem (2nd from left) and long serving Treasurer James Howie (2nd from right)


Elgin-Middlesex-Ofxord  Joint Local Associations Meeting