AORS 2,000+ members are typically employees of a municipal public works department, or of companies that supply equipment, products and services to the municipal public works sector.  Members of the 32 affiliated Local Associations are automatically members of AORS, as are all individuals certified under the Certified Road Supervisor program.  Individual memberships are also available to municipal public works employees who do not have a Local Association in their area.  Read here for a detailed description of the membership categories and the benefits of AORS membershipContact the office for more information.

AORS Long Service Awards

Did you know that AORS presents Long Service Awards to members when they retire?  The criteria is that they have been a municipal member in a supervisory or management role for at least 15 years.

And did you know that being certified under the Certified Road Supervisor Program (CRS) entitles you to all the benefits of AORS membership, including the Long Service Award if you meet the criteria?

If you retired, or plan on doing so this year, please advise the office and we will check if you qualify.  Likewise, let us know if any of your staff or colleagues who are or were certified under the CRS program have recently retired, or have given their retirement notice.

Click here to nominate someone or apply for yourself before the specified deadline.

Association of Ontario Road Supervisors (AORS)

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