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Graham Zeisner retires as AORS Training Coordinator

At the end of March 2017, Graham Zeisner, CRS-S stepped down as AORS Training Coordinator.  When Graham took on the role 11.5 years ago, AORS training programs generated annual revenues in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.  In 2016, training revenues exceeded $1.1 million.  The programs introduced during Graham’s time as Training Coordinator include a broad range of equipment operator training and the very successful Public Works Leadership Development Program.  The Certified Road Supervisor (CRS) accreditation program also experienced solid growth during Graham’s term.

Thank you Graham, and congratulations!  Happy fishing!

At the AORS AGM, Graham Zeisner (l) received a certificate of appreciation for his 11.5 years of service from then President Greg Demers, CRS-I.





In February, AORS held a reception in Graham’s honour.  Among those who celebrated Graham’s contributions were many of the Presidents who served during his time as Training Coordinator.  Left to right, Paul Dalton (2004-5), Stephen Sage (2010), John Cane (2014), Ken Lauppé (2006), Brian Kral (2013), Graham Zeisner, Dennis O’Neil (2009), Larry Maddeaux (2007), Darrell Townsend (2015), Joël Yusko (2012), Greg Demers (2016), and Ewen MacDonald (2011).