Public Works Leadership Development Program

Dramatic changes in the workforce and workplace are changing the nature of public works. Management team roles and responsibilities are decidedly more complex than even a decade ago.  The AORS Public Works Leadership Development Program (PWLDP) was developed to help public works managers and supervisors develop and improve the skills they need to be top leaders for their municipalities.  It is also an effective tool for municipalities who want to implement a workforce planning strategy to develop future leaders in preparation for the upcoming demographic shift.  The eight modules of the PWLDP (or approved equivalent courses) are prerequisites to the Certified Road Supervisor (CRS) accreditation.

“As an administrative professional in the Public Works industry, the Public Works Leadership Development Program is a valuable addition to my skill set.  I recommend this course, not only for those directly involved in roads and infrastructure, but also for individuals who provide administrative support to Operations; to gain a comprehensive understanding of public works management from an operational perspective. This training is highly transferable to administrative and customer service roles, which ultimately helps us to better serve the public and the team.” – Kim Payeur, City of Belleville

Click here for an overview of the PWLDP, the material covered in each of the eight modules and how they apply to the CRS, and the instruction team. PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive a PWLDP Certificate of Completion, all eight (8) modules must be taken through AORS. Equivalent courses only qualify for certification purposes.

I cannot overstate the value of having very seasoned and current municipal employees from high levels teach these subjects. All the fresh ideas and relative experience on Public sector topics was a total valued resource.” – Glen Inglis, CRS-I, Public Works Supervisor, City of Guelph

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My name is Kristi van Kessel and I am a Senior Project Manager with Miller Maintenance. We maintain the provincial highways on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation. I began my career in highway maintenance in the year 2000 when highway maintenance contracts were being downloaded to the private sector by the Ontario Government. Over the past 24 years I have attended a number of courses through AORS. In the beginning, I remember being one of very few females there and definitely one of very few private sector employees. I remember being nervous at first but quickly found my municipal counterparts to be warm, welcoming and just as curious to hear about how we did things in the private sector, as I was to compare stories with how they worked on the public side. Once I had met the requirements to apply for my CRS designation, I did so but because there were so few public sector members at the time, it took some additional support from the MTO to assist in getting the approval completed, and I received my certificate in September of 2012. This provided me with a great deal of pride to know that I had joined a group of recognized professionals within the province and was excited to work towards advancing my certification. Over the following years, I paused my continuing education as I sent my Supervisors and Foremen to attend the same courses I had attended and work towards obtaining their designations as well. Additionally, I had been advancing on the career side  through my roles from Foreman, to Superintendent, to Operations manager and eventually Senior Project Manager so one of my goals is to return to complete the final few courses to advance to the next level of my CRS certification – much overdue! In the meantime I have enjoyed taking the PWLDP courses and continuing to meet some great instructors and counterparts from the various municipalities as I advance my knowledge and education.

Marvin D. Halladay Memorial Education Award: This award is given to the individual who completed the PWLDP in the previous year, with the highest overall mark of all those who completed the program that year.

The PWLDP Program has provided me the tools to look at issues that arise daily in municipal works with a new improved perspective. The wide assortment of training covered by knowledgeable instructors has given me the opportunity to use a skills-based professional approach to challenges leading to greater public satisfaction. I am proud of this achievement and recommend the course to anyone able to attend.” – Brock Vanalstine, CRS, 2022 Marvin D. Halladay Memorial Award Winner