Operator Supervisor Series

As a Supervisor, you have an elevated responsibility and a legal obligation to ensure your operators are properly trained and directed to operate their equipment in a safe manner and in compliance with all regulations.

“ Networking and knowing what other communities do in certain situations was valuable to know. I learned some tips that will help make my department more efficient. Both instructors gave clear, concise instruction…well done.” – Town of Marathon

Landfill Operations Basic Training

Through interactive classroom exercises, discussions, and case studies, the course reviews up-to-date basic landfill operations processes and how they relate to one another, increasing effectiveness and safety on the job.


Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO)

The Manager of Landfill Operations course provides a comprehensive study of efficient landfill operations, including site design, regulations, health and safety, cost controls and other issues to consider when planning, operating, and closing landfills. The course includes lecture, activities, and a facility tour. The course helps to prepare for the Manager of Landfill Operations Certification exam.

Supervisor Due Diligence
Unravel the mystery of due diligence in this 1/2 day course developed and taught by a former MOL inspector peer trainer.

Operator Supervisor ‘Boot Camp’ Level 1
This one day course is designed for Municipal/Private sector Supervisors of heavy-to-light duty construction and agricultural equipment.

Operator Supervisor ‘Boot Camp’ Level 2
This course is designed for the Operator Supervisor, and begins by covering safe productivity focusing on components and control identification, safety and warning symbols, pre-start procedures, starting procedures and after starting checks.