Supervisor Safety Series

As a Supervisor, you have an elevated responsibility and a legal obligation to ensure your operators are properly trained and directed to operate their equipment in a safe manner and in compliance with all regulations.

“ Networking and knowing what other communities do in certain situations was valuable to know. I learned some tips that will help make my department more efficient. Both instructors gave clear, concise instruction…well done.” – Town of Marathon


CVOR for Supervisors
The Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) was designed to keep public road users safe. This course covers all the necessary topics that a supervisor will need to better understand their CVOR. Some of the topics that will be discussed are traffic accidents, tickets and CVSA inspections.

Landfill Fire Safety
This one-day educational seminar is designed to assist landfill personnel, firefighting professionals, and landfill inspectors in better understanding the challenges and impacts of landfill fires. The lessons will explain the different types and causes of landfill fires, identify tools and best management practices review for preventing fires, and review firefighting methods for addressing challenging and specific landfill fires.

Summer Road Patrol 
Summer maintenance patrollers have many unique responsibilities and require a comprehensive knowledge of specific subjects (e.g. legislation, policies, procedures) to effectively do their job. Some of the topics that this course will cover include due diligence, maintenance standards, and sidewalks patrols.

Supervisor Due Diligence
This training program was developed and is instructed by a former Ministry of Labour Inspector. Attendees are provided with simple, actionable strategies, methods and information they need in order to effectively perform within the regulatory safety environment.