Public Works News: August 2016

Recent Court Ruling Concerning Salt Damage

Members may be interested in a recent court ruling concerning salt damage to a property.  This could set a dangerous precedent for Ontario Municipalities.

Roadside Control of Invasive Phragmites

The Ontario Phragmites Working Group has published a booklet on the topic of roadside control of invasive phragmites. More information may be found on their webpage.  The Ontario Invasive Plant Council also has helpful information on bothersome plants frequently encountered.

The New Edition of Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 is Available

A pdf version is available here.

If that link doesn’t work, do the following:

  1. Go to the MTO Online Library.
  2. Search for “Ontario Traffic Manual”.
  3. Select the January 2014 version of Book 7 – Office Edition.
  4. Download the attachment.


  • The hard copy version is available for sale from Service Ontario: (800) 668-9938.
  • There are a great many changes plus additional content. We suggest you study & treat this document as a brand new edition and search out the devices & procedures you most commonly use to compare & update as required.  View this document which summarizes many differences.
  • Book 7 is a Guideline not Legislation. However, because it is recognized by the MOL and referenced in Court Proceedings, it requires our attention to whatever the current version of “Best Practice” is published.